How do tax disputes occur?

Tax disputes occur between a tax payer and the tax authorities when the tax payer does not agree with the tax audit report or other document in which the tax payer is charged with tax or when the tax authorities refuse to refund tax paid.  

What if I do nothing on receiving an, in my opinion, incorrectly charged tax audit report from the tax office?

In that case, the tax office will collect complete tax amount including fine and interests.

Why should I contact a lawyer? Why do I need one?

The lawyer participates in the tax audit, prepares comments and other documents to the tax authorities and assist the client through the process. Upon request, the lawyer will represent the tax payer at the tax authorities and/or other institutions that deal with tax disputes and court. LawHouse emphasizes that it is not enough to merely contact a lawyer that is familiar with the law of administrative process. It is crucial to look for a lawyer who specializes in tax law, knows Lithuanian and EU legal practice and is backed up by a team of tax/finance specialists.

What does a lawyer do during the tax dispute?

The lawyer attends the tax investigation or audit, gathers evidence, writes reviews and submits claims to the Tax Disputes Commission and court. The client must provide the lawyer with requested data, calculations and evidence.