Restrictions on use and promotion of alcohol


Starting 1 January 2018, the following restrictions shall apply:

  • Persons up to 20 years of age are not allowed to buy, hold and consume alcoholic beverages;
  • Sellers of the alcohol has a right to ask for personal identification document when they have doubts regarding the age of the person buying alcohol;
  • Shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and the like may sell alcohol beverages for take away purposes from 10.00 to 20.00 o’clock in working days and Saturdays and from 10.00 to 15.00 o’clock in Sundays. This restriction will not apply to public catering companies having beverages on tap for inside consumption;
  • Advertising of alcohol is forbidden save for places where it is sold. The said restriction shall not apply to logos of alcohol producers and equipment with such logos containing no notes promoting consumption;
  • Sale of alcohol is forbidden during sport events in the areas where the said events take place;
  • Municipalities have a right to restrict or forbid sale of alcohol during holidays, festivals, exhibitions, theater performances and other mass events where the entrance is paid and limited.

Starting 1 January 2020, the following restrictions shall apply:

  • Unlimited retail sale alcohol licence shall grant a right to serve customers within 40 meters outside the public catering place. However, municipalities may set less distance or forbid sale of alcohol outside the public catering place at all;
  • Non-stationary places for sale of alcohol (issued mainly during holiday season) will not be allowed;
  • Trade in alcohol will also not be allowed in pavilions and beaches.