Get up to EUR 200,000 for work remuneration

In order to increase occupancy of persons who have difficulties to find a job and motivate employers to create more jobs, Invega has started to implement measure “Job Support” financed by EU.

Employers that will employ persons:

  1. having no employment record from 18 to 29 years old (i.e. persons to be employed first time); or
  2. older than 54 years old and having no job of late 6 months;

shall be entitled to 23,3% compensation of work remuneration calculated to the said employees. Compensation may be paid to persons referred to in item 1. up to 12 months period and mentioned in item 2. – up to 24 months.

Private and public legal entities, branches and representative offices operating in Lithuania as well as individual employers are entitled to the compensation.

One company may receive the compensation of up to EUR 200,000 for unlimited number of employees.


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