Arūnas Šidlauskas

Arūnas Šidlauskas

Short description

I am the managing partner of LawHouse, Arūnas Šidlauskas. I consult clients in tax, labour and company law. However, my greatest area of expertise is tax law. It build-up through more than 20 years of continuous practice.

I seek to always be honest with the client and keep my word. I try to avoid involving the client into a dispute with the contractor because I know that true success is in win-win event.

My clients can introduce me and my abilities better than myself. Their words is the best way to show that what I am saying is true:

…I value his experience in commercial law as well as knowledge in local and international tax that lead to complex advice and solutions for my businesses. In business conflicts Arūnas is always looking for win-win resolution that serves the purpose…

Niels Peter Pretzmann, CEO of Asgaard A/S, Chairman of the board of Danish Chamber of Commerce

…I found LawHouse‘s services  highly satisfactory, and would recommend them to anyone…

Per Skisaker, CEO, UAB Asgaard Property

…Arunas was very thorough in explaining the whole process of establishment of the company. Moreover, he offered very reasonable fees…

Rauno Raukko, CEO, UAB Berren



In order to achieve operational efficiency, business risk management and tax planning goals, I consult clients in group-company structuring. Along with my team I implement actions discussed, provide tax consultations and represent the client in tax disputes.


I consult clients on labour law issues, working abroad, A1 (E-101) application process and the obtaining of the certificate. I prepare documents for personnel rent, obtain permits for foreigners to work and live in the country, draw up employment contracts or other labour documents.


I incorporate companies, prepare shareholder and management decisions, amend Articles of Association, consult on equity/share capital ratio and profit distribution, reorganization, division and sale of companies.

I lead various lectures and seminars concerning tax and labour law, attend conferences.


  1. Articles for a magazine “World of a manager” („Vadovo pasaulis“);
  2. Articles for a magazine “Jurist” (“Juristas”);
  3. Articles in a weekly newspaper (periodical) “Accounting, auditing and tax news” („Apskaitos, audito ir mokesčių aktualijos“);
  4. Articles and consultations in a newspaper (periodical) “Business news” ( „Verslo žinios“);
  5. Articles for an international tax publication “International Tax Analysts”;
  6. Booklet „Expatriates Guide“
  7. Booklet „Guide of undertaking business activities by foreign investors in Lithuania“.



MA Law
The College of Law of England and Wales
Diploma “Acquisition and merges”

since 2001

A lawyer

since 1994

Experience in legal practice